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"Kinan is a rare gem, a beautiful soul who truly lives from a place of deep listening for how he can best serve his community. I feel so relaxed, seen and supported in his presence. My nervous system can unwind and I feel safe to open to receive the wisdom of my higher self. Being in his field is an attunement, a recalibration for all of my bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I highly recommend working with Kinan if you are seeking true alignment with your soul’s authentic nature.

P.S. His bodywork sessions are far more than just a massage! They are highly potent energy work sessions in addition to being acutely attuned deep tissue pressure point bodywork sessions."
Lex Matthews, San Diego, CA
Founder, Rising in Love Awakening
"My work with Kinan has been incredibly helpful on my healing journey. Kinan has a soulful and skilled way of lovingly sharing truth that has the power to shift old limiting patterns and create space for reaching one's potential. An awesome blend of heart based intuition and genius knowledge/training. I am so grateful for him."
Sophie Wolfe, Denver, CO
Founder, Rooted Rhythm Therapy & Coaching
"Thank you Kinan! I'm so grateful for your knowledge and patience explaining new concepts to me. To be blunt, I'm completely blown away and extremely grateful! The insight I've received goes so far beyond "coincidental", I can't even express to you the value of what I've learned. I'm glad I did multiple sessions with you. With each new gathering we dug deeper, from more perspectives, which revealed considerations that I've felt intuitively for much of my life. My time with you has made me so much more confident in my path. It's as if a new light illuminates my way. Thank you! 👌💙🙏"
Nathan Hildreth, Denver, CO
Founder & CEO, Fluo
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